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Anonymous NFC Stored-Value Card System

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AnonCard is a proof of concept to create anonymous, transferable stored-value cards for goods and services. The goal of this project is a digital payment system without need to connect to the Internet. This cause the use of near field communication (NFC) as technology.

The AnonCard demo app for Android is designed for up to 500,000 transactions per year. AnonCard uses smart cards with memory protection like NTAG213, NTAG215 or NTAG216. Support for Mifare Ultralight C is planned for the next future.

The concept is GDPR ready. AnonCard ensures data protection by design and by default, enhanced pseudonymisation and encryption. Note: A customized application and certified hardware is needed to meet all compliance requirments.

Demo mode

To try out, just install and use AnonCard without master password. In this mode AnonCard is working only with one device on the lowest security level without memory protection. NTAG203 chips works also for demo purposes.

Multi device mode

If you want to test the a system with multiple devices on a more secure level, take a look at this steps below:

All devices in a payment system must have the same system name, master password, unit (not necessarily a currency) and maximal balance. Starting from version 1.1.3 card owners can check balance by installing AnonCard on their own nfc-phones without any configuration.


To build from source code write your own class G returning any string constant:

public static String g()
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